Are You Raising Funds?

We Match Startups and High Growth Companies in their Funding Stages with the Best Investors Ready to Help You Scale

With consistent meetings booked every week, you can focus on refining your pitch and raising funds.

We run the email campaigns
following a defined process that has connected startups with the most difficult-to-reach investors across Europe and North America
You get on a call
with these qualified investors already interested in your startup and see how well your interests align. You'll only be getting booked calls with qualified investors - increasing your funding success rate.
You raise funds
and we celebrate your successful round together. You can now focus fully on implementing new plans, growing your team, and accelerating your startup development.

With this system, you will:

  • Save time on finding the best investors
  • Stop stressing on what to say to them, and
  • Enjoy having a long queue of investors ready to grow with you

We find your Buzzcode

We find the core values of your company and use them to attract investors who share the same values

Who Is This For?

This is for founders and CEOs who want a consistent stream of qualified investors to invest in your company.

Buzzcord Gets You In Front of Your Desired Investors and Ensure a Successful Funding Round

We get you directly in touch with your preferred investors at zero costs to you using our proven outbound outreach system. The goal is to create a buzz around your startup and get a long queue of the right investors willing to become a part of it. Our work is not done until you achieve a successful round.

What Should You Expect in This Funding Round?

Our Guarantee

We’re 100% confident in our ability to get you qualified investors. That’s why we only get paid after we’ve put you in front of the right people. Our work is incomplete until your funding round is successful.
Buzzcord Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

To get the right investors to fund your business, we use proven outreach techniques built on the principles of direct marketing. We understand what you want as a business owner and find investors who share the same values and have shown interest in your market. No matter what industry you’ve built your startup in, there’s a long line of people interested in what you do who’ll offer a lot for the right project. If you believe in your startup and its impact on your audience, then let’s use our cold email system to get you in front of others who will share your vision for the future.

This is for startup founders and CEOs currently raising funds and trying to get the best investors and a fair valuation. If you’ve been battling with sending cold emails on your own and failing, this is for you.

You pay nothing. If we decide to work with you, we work on a 100% performance basis and only charge you on any successful meetings we get you. We only work with businesses we’re confident we can get great results for, so click the button below to book a slot and let’s see if we’re a great fit.

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